Asbestos illegally dumped on Swamp Road between Jamberoo and Dunmore

Recent illegal dumping of asbestos along Swamp Road, sparks
Recent illegal dumping of asbestos along Swamp Road, sparks

Kiama Council has reminded residents, renovators and tradespeople that dumping of asbestos is not only illegal but highly dangerous.

The reminder follows the recent illegal dumping of asbestos along Swamp Road.

Manager of environment and health, Paul Czulowski, said the quick-thinking of a passing motorist alerted council to the incident.

“It beggars belief, given everything we know about asbestos and its dangers, that someone would dump it along a busy road rather than take it to a nearby waste facility,” Mr Czulowski said.

“Thanks to the initiative of this motorist, council staff were able to quickly and safely remove the dumped asbestos.”

Mr Czulowski said illegal dumpers face on the spot fines up to $8000, with further penalties up to $110,000 and even jail.

“It’s not just the flagrant illegality of such dumping, but the disregard for the health of others who may come into contact with the asbestos as a result.

Paul Czulowski, Kiama Council manager of environment and health

“Quite simply, asbestos is a killer if not dealt with properly as there is no cure for the mesothelioma asbestos can cause.”

Mr Czulowski urged residents, especially those renovating, as well as tradespeople, to use Asbestos Awareness Month to get up to speed with how to deal with asbestos.

“There are lots of great online resources that can help the layperson or professional safely deal with asbestos as well understand their responsibilities regards disposal,” he said.

“Council staff can also help with advice and putting you in touch with licensed professionals.

“I cannot emphasise enough that if you are not sure what to do, find out.”

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