Campbell McConachie had no idea his mate was a murderer

Former Kiama resident Campbell McConachie will be back in Kiama to launch The Fatalist – a unique account of his journey into the life and mind of a multiple murderer.

In his late teens, Campbell McConachie started drinking at a Sydney pub called The Burwood Hotel.

Among the regulars was a man named Lindsey Rose. Rose was known as a brothel owner, but no one at The Burwood knew Rose had also been an ambulance officer, a private investigator, and a serial murderer.

By the time Campbell met him in 1988, Lindsey Rose had already murdered three people.

He was finally convicted of five murders, and is now serving five life sentences in Goulburn's Supermax prison.

Campbell became obsessed with how Lindsey Rose’s family and friends, including Campbell himself, could have spent so much time with him and not realised the truth.

His account is Informed by the science of criminal psychology, court documents and transcripts, and many interviews with Rose in Goulburn prison, and is a powerful story.

Campbell McConachie grew up in Sydney, Bahrain and Papua New Guinea. He has worked in the finance industry for twenty years. He studied Post-Graduate English at the University of Sydney and completed a Master of Arts (Creative Writing) at Western Sydney University.

The Fatalist is his first book and is published by Hachette Australia.

Details: Saturday, November 4 at 2.30pm in the Family History Centre. Cost $5 members and $8 visitors, which includes afternoon tea to follow.

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