An Apple for this teacher - and her class too!

MINNAMURRA Public School 5L teacher Lisa  Davis has won radio 96.5s ‘Apple For the Teacher’ promotion.

The annual competition by the radio station is designed to highlight the teacher voted ‘the most popular teacher of the Illawarra’.

The prize for the Mrs Davis, Mrs Hurley and all 29 members of her class won a new iPad mini, courtesy of Domayne Warrawong. The Illawarra Credit Union also donated a $30 Wildlife saver account to each of the students from the winning class.

Mrs Davis said she knew she was in the running for the prize and as of Wednesday night was in second place.

“Apparently in the 12 hours between Wednesday night and finish of voting I received an an-mazing 24,000 votes,” Mrs Davis said.

“The radio station rang our principal Mr Grosse and told him I had won, but to keep it on the ‘down low’, so he told me that the voting was close but not to be disappointed if I didn’t win.

“The children were very excited on Thursday morning and some parents also arrived and the kids were looking out for someone in Wave FM gear or a Wave FM car, but instead two men in plain clothing and in an unmarked car turned up looking just like parents.

"Everyone was so excited I was worried they would be disappointed if we I didn't win.

“I really don’t think the children will have an experience like this in their school lives – it was extraordinary.”

Mrs Davis received a staggering 44,000 votes, winning the competition by 9,000 votes.

“It’s certainly a report card I’m happy to receive,” she added.

Mrs Davis, her 5L class and their job-share teacher, Mrs Hurley, each received their prizes on Friday morning in an assembly conducted with radio hosts, Travis and Emma, from the Wave FM.

“I would like to thank the parents of 5L, the community, my friends and family that supported me and my wonderful class throughout the competition.”

Pleasingly, many of the nominated teachers, including the five finalists, were from public schools. 

Mrs Davis (third from left back) and her class receive their iPad minis during a school assembly on Friday.

Mrs Davis (third from left back) and her class receive their iPad minis during a school assembly on Friday.

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