Get ready for the retune

THE time has come for the Kiama municipality to retune their televisions to move to digital-only TV.

Residents will need to re-tune their televisions next Tuesday when the Illawarra tower switches over.

Viewers should retune their digital TV equipment on or after this date.

If viewers are missing a free-to-air digital TV channel or channels after the retune date, they will need to retune.

There may be some unavoidable temporary outages to all TV channels in the days leading up to, on the day of, and the day or two after the retune date.

Any outages are unlikely to last longer than a few hours.

Viewers should wait until after 3.30pm on June 10 in the Illawarra before attempting to retune their digital television equipment.

Channel changes are not expected to impact on the quality of television transmission or reception throughout the area.

If people continue to experience difficulties with reception on a particular channel, they should contact the relevant broadcaster for more information about reception issues.

To check for expected outages associated with the retune, viewers should enter their address in the MySwitch tool at

The MySwitch tool also provides suggestions on how viewers may be able to improve their television reception if they are experiencing issues.

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