Reptiles seized in Dapto

POLICE and Department of Primary Industries have seized a number of exotic and native reptiles, including an alligator and boa constrictors, during the search of a home in Dapto  yesterday.

About 4pm police and officers from the Department of Primary Industries conducted a search at a home on Bingara Avenue and allegedly found a number of exotic and native animals.They found and seized the following exotic animals: 

- 1 x 18-inch Alligator

- 1x Veiled Chameleons

- 2 x Columbian Red Tail Boa Constrictors

- 2 x Slider turtles

- 3 x Corn snakes.

They also allegedly found and seized the following native animals:

- 2 x Bearded Dragons

- 1 x Netted Dragon

- 2 x Ridge Tailed Monitors

- 1 x Lace Monitor

- 1 x Darwin Carpet Snake

- 8 x Geckos (mixture of native & exotic species)

A 24-year-old man was spoken to by investigators and released without charging pending further inquiries. All reptiles were in good condition and not under threat.

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