Pathway marker vandalism danger

TULLIMBAR residents believe lives are being endangered by regular vandalism of marker posts defining a key pathway.

Resident James Stone said there were major safety issues with the pathway between Tullimbar and Church Street on the Illawarra Highway.

The pathway was constructed by Shellharbour Council 18 months ago, after extensive campaigning by residents.

"Its outer boundary was defined by a long row of metal marker posts, which gave a degree of safety for users because they served as visual markers to cars and heavy vehicles using the highway," Mr Stone said.

"Unfortunately vandals have repeatedly taken delight in flattening the posts, some of which have broken off and disappeared."

The Tullimbar Pathway Committee had originally asked for a continuous Armco barrier between the path and roadside for protection.

"The present situation is an unmarked pathway which is particularly dangerous for children walking to the nearby Catholic schools.

"Drivers often park their cars on the pathway as well because they can easily drive off the road between markers, forcing pedestrians to go . . . on to the road to get past."

"We are extremely grateful to council for supplying the path in the first place, which unfortunately is showing signs of breaking up and becoming hazardous for cyclists."

Fellow Tullimbar resident Mary Boerebach also called for urgent action.

"It's [the pathway] temporary, but how temporary?

"How long will it take? Do they have to have an accident or fatality first before they finally fix the situation?

"It's done so haphazardly, and is hard for those with motorised scooters," she said.

A council spokeswoman said the informal pathway on Tongarra Road, between Albion Park and Tongarra Road, was classified as a shoulder, for emergency stops by vehicles.

"The pathway between Church Street and Broughton Avenue also accommodates some residential parking," she said.

"The pathway is temporary and its service life as a footpath will end once a concrete path is provided on adjoining land by developers."

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