Coronavirus: South Coast politicians echo call for visitors to 'go home'

Kiama MP Gareth Ward. Photo: Sylvia Liber.
Kiama MP Gareth Ward. Photo: Sylvia Liber.

More South Coast politicians have echoed the plea of Bega MP Andrew Constance, asking tourists and visitors to "go home".

Kiama MP Gareth Ward said it was about keeping the community safe.

"If you're not from the region, it's important that you go home," Mr Ward said.


"We can't have people that are not from here at this point in time, we want to try and keep our community together, and keep people safe.

"There's a lot of misinformation, particularly on social media, it's important that you don't listen to rumour, that we follow the right directions."

Shoalhaven Mayor Amanda Findley also joined the call for holidaymakers to keep away.

"The Shoalhaven is stressed out right now - unlike places that didn't have a horrendous bushfire season we are a place that is in recovery from a major incident," she said.

"If you think it's okay to come visit your holiday home, stay in an Airbnb or any other accommodation because it helps you cope with the stress of COVID-19 then think again please.

"All you are doing is transferring your stress to our people working on the front line - people who have taken a massive hit over summer and really can't cope with your blasé attitude, people who just want to look after locals who they know are doing the right thing."

On March 24, Cr Annette Alldrick, a nurse at Shoalhaven Hospital, said people who come down to the Shoalhaven for a weekend holiday "need to be turned away" as the hospital can't cope.

"Not only are we caring for our patients and limiting the number of visitors but being abused for it," Cr Alldrick said.

"We are going to run out of health care workers if this continues.

"The way to combat this is to keep people at home."

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