Kiama nine-year-old writes letter about how coronavirus crisis has affected him

'I can't hug my grandparents and mum lost her job': Kiama boy shares how COVID-19 crisis has affected him


Our world has been turned on its head in the space of a couple of short weeks.

Who could of imagined that in such a short time we'd be dealing with the fact we have no school, no sport, no social activities and in many cases, no work.

This crazy world we are living in right now is hard enough for grown adults to deal with, it must be even harder for our children to get their heads around at the moment. And then we received this:

The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

Hi, my name is Willem. I'm nine years old and live in Kiama. I would like to talk about the outbreak of this virus called COVID -19.

It has spread all over the world and most countries are in lockdown. This virus is very serious and contagious and we must do what we are told: Wash our hands, stay at home and only go out for essentials.

Kiama nine-year-old Willem Hartmans.

Kiama nine-year-old Willem Hartmans.

I feel unlucky, annoyed, frustrated and upset that our country is now in this situation. I do feel unlucky but It least I have my family and my health. I can't go to school or do any of my sports which include karate, tennis and skating. I miss playing with my friends and now I have to be home schooled which is the worst!

I also can't hug my dad when he gets home from work until he showers. My mum has lost her job and I can't hug my grandparents at all.

I often have three wishes which normally are to fly, become a super hero and to have more wishes. But today I only have one wish and that wish is for this virus to end, all this craziness to stop and start reliving the great Australian dream

Signed, Willem Hartmans

What a great letter Willem and I'm sure you speak for a lot of children who feel the same way.

Hang in there buddy and you'll be back ready to fly before you know it.

Mums and dads if you want to get your children to write us a letter about how they're feeling we'll do our best to publish them all. Simply email them to

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