Will I be fined for breaking self isolation rules?

Want to risk being spotted? Photo: Shutterstock
Want to risk being spotted? Photo: Shutterstock

You've heard it, you've probably even said it: "But who's going to police all these new coronavirus rules?"

Well, as it happens - the police.

In Sydney a massage parlour owner, three staff members and a returned traveller from the NSW Hunter region have put a sting in their collective hip pockets for breaching new rules related to COVID-19.

The 65-year-old woman returned from Bali on Saturday and was notified of the public health order which required her to quarantine for 14 days.

On Monday at noon, police issued her with a warning for breaching that order after receiving specific information.

On Thursday after another tip-off she'd left her home in the hours earlier, police arrived at her front door and issued her with a $1000 infringement notice.

It's just not the bigger centres where the rules are being policed either.

"We've received a number of reports around the Riverina and other districts in the last few days since the weekend, of people suspected of not observing self-isolation protocols in returning from overseas," said Superintendent Bob Noble of the Riverina Police District.

Although unable to comment on the exact number of incidences in this nature, Sup Noble said he believed there to have been "more than 10" in recent days.

"We haven't put any person before the court or issued any process yet, but if we have to we will."

Here's what you can cop if you break the rules:


  • $5000 on the spot - for businesses in contravention of a ministerial direction under the Public Health Act.
  • $1000 on the spot - for individuals in contravention of a ministerial direction under the Public Health Act.


  • up to $100,000 - for venues who don't comply with new directions on mass gatherings
  • up to $20,000 - for individuals who don't comply
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