All you need to know about COVID-19 in one place: Explainers on health, travel, business and more

How did we get here? How do we deal with it? and how does it affect me?

That's what you need to know and that's what we're looking at answering in this one-stop shop.

Keep coming back - as this situation continues to develop, so will this.

This is a moveable feast - but we're doing our best to keep you as up-to-date as possible.

About the $130b JobKeeper program ...

What even is a JobKeeper? Who's eligible and how does it work? All that and more answered right here.

When will this coronavirus plague all be over?

Everyone wants to know when this curse will be gone. The answer is: it depends on you. Three months at the very best; maybe never.

If nine out of 10 of us stay at home and don't go to work, it could be beaten in three months, according to research just published. But if less than that stay at home - well, it starts to get scary.

Have you lost work? Here's what you need to know

Employees are grappling with where their employers' decisions to cut jobs leaves them. What is the difference between being stood down and being sacked? Where do employees stand? This might help.

What's banned? What's open? The new rules

Well, the rule as of Tuesday, March 24, at least. The dot points from the Prime Minister's speech.

How do I know if I have COVID-19?

The respiratory illness has spread rapidly around the world and brought us all into a period of alarming uncertainty. But how do you know if you have COVID-19?

Health experts answer your coronavirus questions

From face masks to hand sanitiser, the safety of public transport social distancing and more - your questions answered.

What is the coronavirus?

Confused about the difference between coronavirus, COVID-19, and SARS-CoV-2? This explains what the different terms mean.

What is a virus? How do they spread?

Viruses are the most common biological entities on Earth. While the great majority are harmless to humans, some can make you sick and some can even be deadly. Are viruses alive? What are they made of? What do they attack? All these questions answered - and more.

Staying safe in world that COVID-19 built

It's those questions you hear all the time: Will it be safe for my kids to have friends around? Is it safe to go to the supermarket? And what about the world of takeaway food, is it safe? All these questions and more answered.

What you should and shouldn't do if you're in coronavirus self-isolation

Australians who have tested positive to COVID-19 have been advised to self-isolate at home. Most people who need to self-isolate will probably be advised to do so for 14 days.

But it's not always clear what that means in practice, and how it's different to social distancing. Here's what you need to know.

Coronavirus stimulus packages and how they affect you

With more government help for households and businesses likely to come soon,how can you access what's already on the way?

What to do now you're unemployed

Losing your job is a shocking experience, particularly if it comes out of the blue.

You may never have imagined standing in a line outside a Centrelink office - but now it's happened.

The first thing is not to blame yourself. This is a global pandemic which is hitting the hardest, most able people on the planet. You have worked hard and paid taxes. You are entitled to the benefits which may be available.