Kiama diesel spill 'limited': EPA

A diesel spill in Kiama has been "mostly washed away" by wet weather, according to the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

Emergency services were called to the spill on Farmer Street at about 7.30pm on Wednesday, March 4.

A NSW Fire and Rescue spokesperson said on arrival crew members found diesel in a stormwater drain, which was traced back to a bus depot.

NSW Fire and Rescue crews installed a series of five boom gates to stop the flow of diesel into the environment.

Farmer street runs to Chapman Oval, adjacent to Kendalls Beach. Crews continued to attend the scene to replace the booms over the next few days.

"The property owner engaged private contractors to remove the diesel," a NSW Fire and Rescue spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said crews believed work was finished on Friday, but they would return if necessary.

A NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) spokesperson confirmed the spill had come from a bus depot.

"The EPA has inspected a diesel spill from a bus depot in Kiama which is alleged to have occurred on Wednesday during the filling of an above ground fuel storage tank," the spokesperson said.

"In discussion with Fire and Rescue NSW, booms and absorbent material were installed to limit the spread of the diesel down a stormwater drain to a nearby beach.

"The EPA has inspected the beach and the depot on Thursday and the current wet weather appears to have washed most of the diesel away.

"There are no reports of affected wildlife or significant water pollution on the beach."

The EPA spokesperson said the responsible company, Kiama Coaches, had been issued with a written clean-up notice, and the EPA would confirm that the company complied with the notice.

The EPA will continue to assist Kiama Municipal Council as they regulate ongoing operations at site.

Kiama Municipal Council was contacted for comment, but directed enquiries to the EPA