Gogglebox households get to say what you are really thinking about television shows

How would you react if someone on the street stopped you and asked if you wanted to be on TV? That's how the Daltons landed their spot on Gogglebox.

"They found us on the street. I was walking with my daughter, and someone from [producers] Endemol Shine stopped us," says airline business development executive and mum Kate.

"It sounded exciting. Initially we thought it was a hoax, but they rang me the next day and then I went home and Googled about them."

"That was the key," says healthcare company director and dad Matt. "We saw it [the show] was in England, and that it was a good humoured family show. We have corporate lives and knew there could be ramifications."

"I keep myself tidy," she says with regard to censoring her comments.

"There is an alarm bell in the back of your mind, but you get caught up in the emotion of a show," Matt says.

Their friends at first thought it would be "car crash TV". "But once people watch it, you realise it's a good family show, a comedy really. They were worried they it would embarrass them, but now they look forward to it, because they get a precis of what's on for the week by watching Gogglebox," Matt says.

"We are unscripted, we put ourselves in the care and trust of the Endemol team," Kate says.

The couple, their daughters eldest Millie and younger sister Holly, plus family pooch Ace, say the Gogglebox crew have become friends. "It's such a personal situation with them coming in to our house. You develop relationships," Kate says.

Each week the Daltons and their fellow Goggleboxers are given a selection of up to 10 shows to watch. They may not get to see a complete film, but they do see a variety of genres.

"We could be watching a serious documentary, then MAFS, (Married at First Sight) so a range of emotions can come up," Kate says.

"The great thing is we are watching shows this week that go to air next week, so the general public get to see it when it is quite topical."

The family refer to themselves as the Daltonunphys, finding similarity between the way they function and the Dunphys on one of their favourite shows Modern Family.

The girls often don't watch actual TV, rather just stream it online, says mum Kate. Other than for Gogglebox the Daltons watch an hour or two or TV a night. "Kate doesn't watch too much sport, and we watch Netflix," Matt says.

Some of their favourite programs include Survivor, Masterchef, Selling Australia, Escape to the country;Escape to the Chateau and reno shows are compulsive viewing.

Now in its 11th season, the viewer favourite features ten other households, three of which are new in 2020. Joining the Daltons once more are Anastasia and Fay; the Delpechitras; Mick and Di; Lee and Keith; Matty, Sarah Marie and Jad; the Silberrys; Tim and Leanne, plus three new living room dwellers - surfer mates, Milo and Nic, Sydney-based family, the Elias' and student neighbours from Bondi, Chantel and Kaday.

"We haven't met the new guys yet, but all the Melbourne ones get together for regular gatherings. We have a common bond, and even though we are from totally different demographics and walks of life, we have the commonality of being part of this crazy journey," Kate says.

Gogglebox is on Wednesdays at 7.30pm on Foxtel's LifeStyle Channel and Thursdays at 8.30pm on the WIN Network.