You can't teach an old dog new tricks - show a young pup a thing or two

Halle with her car-horn.

Halle with her car-horn.

John Carr is one of many Kiama residents who find themselves thrust into the role of entertainment director for visiting grandchildren in January.

"The programming responsibility sees us scouring the web for activities that won't break the bank but will hold the attention of our junior charges," he said.

"Modern living tantalisingly offers an electronic solution ... gigabit catatonia.

"To rescue your grand-children and you from this clash of generations, you need to become creative."

Annually, the Rotary Club of Kiama conducts its Antique and Retro Fair in the Kiama Leisure Centre (January 18 and 19). Mr Carr acknowledged that although he has a stake in the event's succcess, his grand-children love it.

"I'm always amazed by how few teenagers attend the Fair and I'm going to put forward an argument that might help you see the entertainment value in a visit," he said.

"Firstly, you are at the Leisure Centre, and you should include a water activity as a part of the program, always good value. Now you can visit the Fair.

"And by way of an example, let me tell you about my granddaughter Halle.

"Halle is twelve and just going into high-school; she has been a regular visitor over the years to the Fair and has very eclectic tastes.

"Last year Halle embarked on her traditional treasure hunt. I was operating the Raffle Ticket Sales, and Halle suddenly appeared carrying an enormous brass car horn with rubber puffer attached.

"Any discussion about how much she paid and whether some bargaining would have helped was useless.

"She saw, she wanted, and she bought, end of the story. The value Halle has extracted from her purchase lies in the number of occasions it has 'honked'.

"It's been to the cricket (multiple times), the school swimming carnival; the Netball Grand Final, and is the communication tool of choice when it comes to summoning everyone for a meal, the list goes on.

"So as you wear your grand-parent hat why not choose to add the Antique and Retro Fair and other off-beat venues around town to your program of non-electronic entertainment."

The Rotary Club of Kiama will use uncommitted funds raised from the Antique and Retro Fair to support local communities affected by bushfires and will be collecting donations throughout the Fair.