Molly hopes sweet music will help firefighters

Molly Parrish-Gibbons in action. Image supplied.

Molly Parrish-Gibbons in action. Image supplied.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the destruction that has occurred across the South Coast and Southern Highlands this bush fire season.

But 16-year-old Molly Parrish-Gibbons is taking action to support local fire fighters.

The Wollongong High School of Performing Arts student, formerly of Jamberoo, has taken a school project and turned it into something more.

Molly is part of the NSW Talent Development Project, and has organised a cabaret night in Jamberoo.

All proceeds from the event - called "Tribute" - will go to the Jamberoo RFS.

I want it to have a purpose

Molly Parrish-Gibbons

"I created the show to pay tribute to people who have helped me become who I am today," Molly said.

"I want it to be something people can enjoy, but I also want it to have a purpose.

"I've always wanted to make a difference through singing, and I hope this event can achieve that."

She said her mum, the Jamberoo CWA and a "fantastic" sound team had helped her bring the show to fruition.

"My biggest learning would be what it takes to organise a show," she said.

"As a performer, you don't really think about it. But I've had a fantastic team helping me."

She hopes to have 100-150 people in attendance. The performance will be held at the Jamberoo School of Arts on February 1 from 7pm. Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for children.