Mystic-al location makes top three on best Aussie beaches list

Mystics. Photo: @jewelszee

Mystics. Photo: @jewelszee

Anyone from Kiama can tell you spectacular beaches are just part of the deal.

This year, one of them has taken out number three on Tourism Australia's 'Best Beaches 2019' list.

Mystics received the honour, described as "secluded, crowd free and just a two-hour drive from Sydney" - and considerably less for locals.

Number one was Cabarita Beach, near the fabled Byron Bay, and number two was Currumbin Beach, in Queensland.

And for the first time, an inland beach snuck its way onto the list - Riverside: Wagga Wagga Beach came in at ninth place (good luck getting a wave there though).

They may be just as spectacular, but we can tell you where we'd rather be - curled up in the sand on our own piece of coastal paradise.