Kiama service club news

Kiama service club news


Why do people join Rotary? There are probably as many answers to that question, as people who are being invited to take up membership. Overwhelmingly new members cite fellowship/ friendship as something they are seeking; sometimes this is because they have just moved into the area or changed employment; other times it's upon retirement or changes to family circumstances.

We know that an invite to join Rotary signals to the invited individual they have standing within their community; this standing enables Rotary to bring to bear high levels of influence and knowledge when confronted with obstacles to any project it conducts.

The next point I'd like to make deals with "service", and how difficult it is in today's environment to determine how "service to one's community" is possible given how "time poor" everyone seems to be.

It is not surprising to learn that Rotary is currently adopting massive changes to ensure whatever time people can give is used productively and that barriers to membership are being identified and removed or managed.

The more succinctly we can articulate what member expectations are, then the better placed we become to deliver them.

So if you are looking to effectively network yourself, within an organisation that recognises your skills and achievements, and understands it has to change to meet your changing expectations; then book a visit for a trial no obligation Rotary meeting by calling John Clarke M: 0419 546 094.


What an amazing night we had at our Christmas Party. We took over the whole of the restaurant and everyone had a great time. Our Cabaret "Tina Turner" was very entertaining and it was wonderful that our member Chris English was able to be there as well.

Our final market BBQ was held last Sunday and we will be doing our last Bunnings one for 2019 on Friday, December 20.

Our Driver Reviver teams have been activated and will operating all over Christmas and New Year

Last month we donated $1000 each to the drought appeal and the fire victims.

The Lions Clubs of Australia started a Hearing Dog Project 40 years ago and recently delivered the 600th dog to a lady in Victoria. There are currently 115 dogs active and it is anticipated that another four or five will be delivered before Christmas.

Come and say hello at Bunnings on Friday and please buy a sausage sandwich.