Men's Health Education Rural Van in Gerringong and Kiama

Greg McLeod (left) get a test from Rob Woolley.
Greg McLeod (left) get a test from Rob Woolley.

Come on boys - stop ignoring your health, get in the car and go see registered nurse Rob Woolley.

Rob will be sitting in the Men's Health Education Rural Van ( MHERV) in Gerringong tomorrow (Saturday November 23) and in Kiama on Sunday (November 24).

The 10-minute test will put you on the path towards better health and it's all for free.

The MHERV will be in Gerringong adjacent to the doctor's surgery in Belinda Street on Saturday from 9:30am to 1pm and in Kiama on Sunday from 9.30am to 2pm at the showground.

After getting you health check, on Sunday, you can take a stroll through the Kiama Auto Expo, which is on at the same venue, take in all the great displays and make a day of it.

Meanwhile, Rob spent two days in Nowra this week, supported the Nowra Rotary, and carried out an impressive number of tests.

In Nowra last year he carried out 32 tests and by 2pm on Thursday had seen 21 people - well 22 if you count one unprepared journo.

In the past 14 months (on working days) he carried out over 6000 tests and recently in Ulladulla conducted 82 tests.

Journo gets a test in Nowra

Local resident Greg McLeod always took the chance to get a health check on Wednesday at Bunnings, South Nowra.

It was lucky he had the test.

"I was fortunate today as Rob did find a deficiency in my sugar level and so there will be a follow up with my local GP and a blood test taken," Greg said.

"That's is all about when it comes to the men's health checks - you get blood and cholesterol checks as well as blood sugar levels.

"It's nothing to be scared of and Rob is quite harmless and he has a very good manner."

Rob said if Greg ignores the test his health would deteriorate.

"If you don't get control of it, as I was suggesting to Greg, things would deteriorate," the nurse said.

"Greg's numbers were not through the roof but they are elevated and he may just need a tablet one or twice a day to help brings his sugars back down."

Greg said without the test he may not have known about his sugar levels.

They both say blokes should man up and be prepared to do something about their health.