Creativity takes root in rich history of Kiama Library

A creative collaboration between Kiama artist Lea Tucker and a group of primary school children has sprouted into a new book for Kiama Library.

Th colourful book is called 'The Library and a Tree! What did it See?', and was inspired by the magnificent Moreton Bay Fig at the front of Kiama Library. Lea and the children saw the 'Library Tree' through different eyes and tell its story in a memorable way.

The beautiful 'Library Tree' first poked its head through the soil at Ourie Beach near Gerringong, was brought from there in a tin after a picnic outing and, when it had grown to a little tree, was planted by Mrs Major in the centre of her lawn.

That lawn became the property where the library now stands. 140 years later, the little sapling has grown into the beautiful fig tree that Kiama Library was designed to wrap around.

The artwork, collage and writing from the workshop has now been compiled into a beautiful hardcover, glossy children's book called "The Library and a Tree! What did it See?", that will be available for loan from Kiama Library.

The children who so enthusiastically participated in the workshop were recently given their own copy of the book at a presentation held at the library. Artist Lea Tucker thanked the children but also, acknowledged Mrs Major who, all those years ago, planted the tree that "became nature's historian, witnessing the evolution of a modern township; that became a lifeline to the breathless, and a shelter for the homeless; that gave the weary and weather-beaten respite from the elements; and that now still today, nurtures secrets of lovers, tales of travellers, and the delightful adventures of children at play."