Kiama service club news


You might remember Hurricane Dorian, a category five storm that a few weeks ago devastated parts of the Bahamas. I have a sister-in-law who lives in Nassau which was on the hurricane's edge, but you listen more closely when someone you know tells you, first-hand, of the destruction and suffering that has occurred. You think to yourself, "How can I help?"; the answer to that is "I already am, I'm a member of Rotary".

The Rotary Club of Kiama and Rotary International has a long association with a group known as "Shelter Box", an organisation founded and financially supported by Rotary. Rotary and Shelter Box are long-term partners in International disaster relief and within a matter of hours of a catastrophic event (naturally or humanly caused) an assessment team arrives on-site, followed by appropriate action.

This action, in many cases, will see hundreds of "shelter boxes" delivered from international warehouses. The location and climate of the disaster area and the advice provided by the on-site assessment team will ultimately determine the boxes' contents. Normally, each shelter box contains a tent, bedding and cooking equipment, sufficient for a family.

By providing emergency shelter, people can have somewhere warm to stay and feel safe, which makes the process of recovery easier. So the next time you see Rotary conducting a fundraising event with the beneficiaries of the event described as "... and other Rotary Projects." you'll know where part of your donation is going; each shelter box costs $1000 to provision.


It was a satisfactory result for our combined BBQ with the Red Cross at the last market, fortunately the weather was kind. Our next event is our Happy Hour at the Surf Club on Thursday, September 26. This is always a popular event which enables partners and wives to meet and socialise. This will be in place of a dinner meeting.

On Friday, September 27, our Driver Reviver teams begin their work for the whole weekend. This is a public service we undertake for the Roads and Maritime Services to encourage drivers to take a break whilst driving long distances. We get to speak to interesting folk on these occasions and it is a pleasant couple of hours for each team.

Our last big event for the month will be the Second Hand Saturday which is a glorified Car Boot Sale held on Black Beach on Saturday 28th. We will run our Caravan/BBQ and also run a stall of donated items and our profits will go towards our Spinal Injury Fund.

Finally our thanks to all who have signed our petition to have the rules amended on NDIS payments to the over 65's. Our fantastically dedicated team amassed 12,000 signatures which now go to Parliament.