Successful but windy A Day on the Hill festival

Photo: @somethingwild

Photo: @somethingwild

A Day on the Hill festival played on despite winds of up to 90km per hour on Saturday.

Around 2,500 people braved the windy conditions and turned up for the two-day family music festival at Crooked River Wines in Gerringong.

Now in its third year, festival organiser Simon Felice said the feedback from this year's event was great even though some alterations to the festival were made on Saturday.

"It was a really successful event in the end given we had to deal with almost 100km winds," Simon said.

"We ran an altered event on Saturday because we didn't want to pose any dangers to our guests with near cyclonic winds.

"We had to actually shut down the main stage... what we did was moved everything indoors into our restaurant."

Photo: @somethingwild

Photo: @somethingwild

Not even musical instruments were safe from the windy weather.

"We tried to put a drum kit onto the stage and it blew right into the vines," he said.

"We couldn't even put up a mic stand to have someone up on stage. When those things are happening it's not something we'd like to take a risk with. The dial on top of the stage that measures wind speed even blew off."

He said festival-goers were understanding of the weather on Saturday and were able to attend Sunday for free.

"We had to move Kim Churchill, one of the headliners to Sunday and a lot of people were very understanding of that situation as it was out of our hands," he said.

Photo: @somethingwild

Photo: @somethingwild

"We were really appreciative of everyone that came along.

"We always love the community and the people that support us, because we're a small family business any support that we get is vital to keeping us alive... without them we certainly wouldn't be able to survive let alone survive 22 years."

Some of the artists who played at the festival were Dragon, Kim Churchill, Pseudo Echo, Hein Cooper, The Buoys, Joe Mungovan and The Vanns.