French feel for September Pics and Flicks choice

Gerringong Pics and Flicks are continuing to embrace all things European with their September 6 film, Macadam Stories.

Macadam Stories is a series of interconnected vignettes set in a public housing complex on the outskirts of Paris.

With a focus on six characters, we meet the penny-pinching loaner Sternkowitz (Gustave Kervern from In The Courtyard - Festival 2015), who forges an unlikely relationship with a night nurse (Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi). In another thread, inquisitive adolescent Charly (the director's son Jules Benchetrit) and Jeanne (Isabelle Huppert), an ageing movie star, form a bond that changes them both for the better. In the final instalment, American astronaut, John McKenzie (Michael Pitt) accidentally lands on the apartment of a migrant, Mrs Hamida, and the pair communicate through fractured French while NASA busily stages a cover up.

Deadpan and often droll, the film recalls the entertaining style of Jim Jarmusch, with an undercurrent of quirky and satisfying sight gags.

The film commences at 8pm at Gerringong Town Hall. Tickets available from 7.20pm. After the film, stay for tea, coffee and cakes ($4) and discuss the film, or anything else, in a social, relaxed atmosphere.