Tidy ghosts, or grave mistake at Harley Hill cemetery?

Are things that go bump in the night behind recent changes at Harley Hill cemetery?

Regular visitor, Terry Sugden, has noticed "bushes cleared, fallen branches removed, grounds mowed and logs positioned in garden border arrangements ... as if it's a pathway".

However, Shoalhaven bereavement services manager, Pamela Green, says other than lantana control, there are no approved programs for altering the cemetery grounds.

She said it was against the law for anyone other than family members of the deceased to alter a grave site.

After a century or more, finding family members can be a challenge.

"We just keep the weeds down and maintain access," she said.

"There has been extensive weed control done for lantana, so it will look a bit untidy.

"People might like to think they will altruistically rehabilitate graves, but it's not actually legal to do that."

Mr Sugden hopes the cemetery returns to its untouched state.

"It was beautiful the way it was - unique and peaceful," he said.

"I'd just ask people to leave it alone."