From Germany to Kiama: The Ettingshausen family's contribution

One family can shape a community - the Kiama and District Historic Society's July talk will explore how.

On Saturday, July 13, Lorraine Ettingshausen will speak on 'The Ettingshausen Family's Long Historic Connections with Kiama'.

Lorraine Ettingshausen has been a registered nurse for 45 years, including some 20 years at Kiama Hospital.

She recently co-authored, with Margaret Raison, a book about the history the old Kiama Hospital.

Lorraine Ettingshausen.

Lorraine Ettingshausen.

Mrs Ettingshausen has been a Kiama resident since 1957 and has been an active community member.

She was recognised as Kiama Australia Day Citizen in the Year 2004.

Married to Kevin Ettingshausen, she has long been interested in her husband's family's history, embarking on an 18 month family history research project which culminated in the document 'Hamburg - Hobart - Sydney: The Ettingshausen Family in Australia', produced in 2018 for distribution to family members.

Her talk will mainly concentrate on the part of the history relating to the family's substantial contributions to the Kiama community following the emigration of Anton Ettingshausen and his wife Christine from Germany.

The talk will begin at 2.30pm in Kiama Family History Centre