Kiama service club news


We held our Driver Reviver over the long holiday weekend, even though the weather is cooler we still find many drivers stop on the journey south and are grateful for a free tea or coffee. We had another successful BBQ at Bunnings the previous weekend, despite the cold wind there are always many DIY folks who need bits and pieces.

The exciting news for us is that the Carers Cottage is now up and running. We have had two groups of Carers staying. Their feedback is that the Cottage is lovely and restful, they very much enjoyed their stay and there were no problems. This is pleasing for us as we are very keen that this major Lions project is a great success, especially after all the hard work and generosity by so many townspeople over the past two years.

Our next Dinner meeting will be at the Bowling Club not the Leagues Club. It will be the final one of this Lions year before the changeover on June 27. Another Community group will join us for the Market BBQ on Sunday, June 16, we hope to see you there.


A Rotarian is someone who, through membership of a Rotary Club and their own personal efforts: digs wells from which they will never drink; restores eyesight for those they will never see; builds houses in which they will never live; vaccinates children they will never meet; plants trees under which they will never sit; educates children they will never know; feeds people, regardless of colour, race or politics; and raises money for projects from which they will never benefit.

Now we should not be surprised that Rotarians are "People of Action". As the above list suggests Rotary's motto of "Service Above Self" is evident in all that Rotary does. What may not be immediately evident is what the average Rotarian receives in return for their personal efforts. Quietly in the background, as Rotary goes about its business, every Rotarian is offered the opportunity for personal growth; the chance to acquire knowledge, skills and experience valued at all levels of the community. I like to think of Rotary as a way of balancing the books and giving back to a community.