Kiama service club news


We all had fun doing our barbecue at Bunnings last weekend and despite the Air Show we did well financially.

Lions have just donated the latest financial instalment to the Garvan Institute. This is to help fund their genome program to identify cancer indicators in young children. Perhaps readers are unaware that worldwide a child is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes. The average age is six years old.

At last week's dinner meeting our guest speaker addressed the issue of sleep apnoea. This was very relevant to many of us as our partners complain about our snoring.

We will be doing a barbecue at the markets on May 19, alongside the parents of members of the Kiama High School Band, who are doing a tour of some drought-stricken areas and giving workshops and concerts, so they would be very grateful for any support you can give them. We hope to see you there.


I was standing watching a couple of my grand-children throw rocks into a pool, and then get excited because of the ripples created.

It occurred to me there was a similarity between the rock, the ripples and an egg & bacon roll (nothing to do with hardness of the roll). Many of you have enjoyed a Sunday breakfast purchased from the Kiama Rotary barbecue whilst strolling through the Black Beach Markets.

On the day, Rotarians visit a local baker, butcher and supermarket to buy rolls, bacon, eggs, onions and sauce. Now "you" enter the picture and pay your $5 (which includes your free sauce and free onions [on top if you prefer]); I'm not up-to-date on the profit margin of this sale but suffice to say there is one.

This money now makes its way to local organisations, who are making a difference in our community, who amplify the money's impact through their own activities. The ripples from all this activity are now "wave like" and it all began with a simple egg and bacon roll and Rotary. If you have hidden culinary talents, come join us and we'll show you how to make a difference. Contact Dick Groom M: 0438 839 061 for an invitation. - John Clarke