Dip into WATER at Gerringong art gallery

Six-month-old Fern Street Gallery is runnning its latest group exhibition WATER over the holidays.

WATER runs for three weeks from April 16 to May 5, and includes artworks by local talent Kristal del Villar, Jon Harris, Stacy Burgess, Kelvin Taylor, Holly Pinzone, Jennifer Luck-Ellem, Kerry Bruce and Gitte Backhausen.

WATER is an exhibition which celebrates everything that water contributes to life, interpreted by each artist in their own unique way.

Fern Street Gallery.

Fern Street Gallery.

Fern Street Gallery co-founders Gitte Backhausen and Kerry Bruce said the exhibition was part of their vision to support other artists.

"We are looking forward to extending our group exhibiting WATER to Gerringong Town Hall for the weekend of May 3 to May 5, as part of the Surf Life Music Festival, alongside the exhibition at the gallery" Mr Backhausen said.

They said they were grateful for local support.

"Not only is the feedback overwhelmingly positive from both visitors and artists exhibiting with us, we are loving being part of the local community," Ms Bruce said.

"We have sold artwork to people from Gerringong to France and are so grateful to have realised the vision for Fern Street Gallery."

The exhibition is open April 16 to May 5 from 10am daily, including every day over Easter + the Surf Life Music Festival in Gerringong the first weekend of May.

Artists who want to get involved can go to www.fernstreetgallery.com.au for details on how to exhibit, or apply to become a resident artist, or call Kerry 0418 463 207 or Gitte 0410 200 120 for enquiries.