Cement truck flips over on Kiama driveway

A CEMENT truck has flipped over on a steep drive at Kiama's Gipps Street on Thursday morning.

The driver of the truck escaped frightened but without injury according to eye-witnesses.

Since the accident, fuel has been leaking from the cement truck, down the driveway and into the gutter.

Fire and Rescue NSW crews have been working tirelessly to fireproof the truck, driveway and road.

The road has been blocked while emergency crews, including Hazmat and NSW Police, work on scene.

Traffic into Kiama, from the north, is been diverted via Hothersal Street.

Removal of the damaged truck will be a delicate operation, as crews will not be able to bring their equipment to the top of the driveway.

A specialist heavy tow truck, with an inbuilt crane, has been called from Sydney, which will reverse into the driveway and lift the cement truck onto its tray.

More updates to follow.