Gerringong's Fern Street Gallery to take part in Surf Life and Music Festival

GOING STRONG: Fern Street Gallery in Gerringong. Photo: supplied.
GOING STRONG: Fern Street Gallery in Gerringong. Photo: supplied.

It's only been six months but things are already looking good for Fern Street Gallery in Gerringong. 

The gallery has featured several local artists and hosted 15 exhibitions to date.

Co-founders Gitte Backhausen and Kerry Bruce thanked the community for its support. 

"We are so grateful for the way our beautiful artist-run gallery has been received," Gitte said.

"Not only is the feedback overwhelmingly positive from both visitors and artists exhibiting with us, we are loving being part of the local community."

One of the things that have caught the gallery co-founders by surprise, is how the gallery has already had a much bigger reach than expected in the short time they've been open.

"Within our first month we were contacted by a newly built contemporary retirement home that needed art on their walls," Kerry said.

"This has resulted in the gallery fitting out an entire retirement home and we are looking forward to revealing the results in the coming months."

Both experienced artists, Kerry and Gitte set up the gallery with a vision to support other artists, as well as bring new life to Gerringong.

"We thank the community and visitors for receiving us with open arms and we are looking forward to the years ahead - supporting artists, our town, visitors and businesses that are on the lookout for art and wish to support local business and artistic talent," Gitte said.

The next Resident Artists group exhibition 'Water' runs for three weeks from April 16 to May 5 and includes artworks by local talent Kristal del Villar, Jon Harris, Stacy Burgess, Kelvin Taylor, Holly Pinzone, Jennifer Luck-Ellem, Kerry Bruce and Gitte Backhausen.

"We are always excited to support local initiative and events and are looking forward to extending our group exhibiting Water to Gerringong Town Hall for the weekend of May 3-5, as part of the Surf Life and Music Festival, alongside the exhibition at the gallery," Gitte said.

Water is an exhibition which celebrates everything that water contributes to life.

The exhibition will be open daily from 10am, which includes every day over Easter and the Surf Life & Music Festival in Gerringong the first weekend of May.