Parvovirus active in the Shoalhaven

A case of deadly parvovirus has been diagnosed in the Shoalhaven.

The disease, which affects dogs and related mammals, but not humans, has a 91 per cent mortality rate in untreated animals. Vaccines can prevent the infection.

Is your dog protected from parvovirus?

Is your dog protected from parvovirus?

Shoalhaven City Council announced on Wednesday, March 13, that on Friday, March 8, the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter received a dog who was infected with parvovirus.

"The animal shelter immediately put in place control measures and have isolated the contact areas," the council said.

"Parvovirus has a 14 day incubation period. The animal shelter has implemented all necessary quarantine measures, which will result in some areas not being accessible to the public..

"Parvovirus is a fast spreading disease in dogs. It can be spread by dogs sniffing infected areas or faeces and anyone can walk through a parvovirus affected area and then walk the virus to another area."

The council encouraged anyone with concerns to contact the animal shelter or their local vet.

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