Bestselling Kiama author releases new book on Instagram

Bestselling author Amy Molloy.
Bestselling author Amy Molloy.

Bestselling author Amy Molloy is back with a follow-up to her book – The World is a Nice Place – but this time the journalist and editor is delivering it a little differently.

In 2018, The World is a Nice Place went into reprint only 12 weeks after selling-out on Australia’s largest book selling platform, Booktopia.

It made waves across Australia, the UK and America. Yet, while delighted with the near overnight success, when it came to the sequel she turned down a book deal to publish the book on her favourite social media platform.

The purpose? To prove you can deliver healing content with brevity. And, make it accessible to time poor women (and men!) in need of emotional support – like herself.

“​After The World is a Nice Place was published through Hay House I received thousands of emails and messages from readers thanking me for helping them to make peace with their past, but I couldn’t shake the feeling I had another side of adversity to explore,’ Molloy said.

“On my book tour, I heard hundreds of stories from people, like me, who’d ‘come out stronger’ and could appreciate the lessons in old traumas. But what about the challenges that are happening right now?”

At a speaking event, Molloy met a woman who admitted she was suicidal and, despite writing about mental health for more than a decade, she felt at a loss to help her.

“I’m very conformable talking about challenges in my past – anorexia, widowed at 23, father paralysed from cancer – but I rarely talk about my struggles until I’m out the other side of them, and I don’t think I’m the only one,” she said.

That became the inspiration for this new book, fuelled by her own experiences and the incredible stories of experts and survivors.

“How can we support ourselves in the midst of a crisis, especially when we can’t see an end point?”

Molloy had initially considered traditionally publishing again.

As an author and ghostwriter she has published 14 books “traditionally” and she was thankful when she was offered another book deal.

Launching Monday, January 14, Molloy will release a chapter per day from Peace, Instead of This on her Instagram profile @amy_molloy

“I’m a big fan of the Instagram account @Selfishmother – a magazine published on Instagram by the entrepreneur Molly Gunn,” she said.

“I love this concept because it’s so accessible and also fast. I wanted to share my experiences while I’m still experiencing them, which wouldn’t be possible with the typical printing process – it might be a year before my book was on shelves.

“I also wanted to chose a medium that was accessible to people like me – time poor, busy, women (and men!) who crave emotional support. The kind of women who tell me they’d love to read The World is a Nice Place but just don’t have the time.”

At a later date, the chapters will be posted on for readers who don’t use this social media platform.

All content, including bonus chapters, are free to access. There will also be an audio version released as a podcast.

About Amy Molloy

Amy Molloy is a journalist, editor and Hay House author who produces uplifting content for the biggest names in global publishing.

Once editor of Grazia Australia, she is now editor of Collective Hub. Her sell-out book, The World is a Nice Place: How to Overcome Adversity Joyfully, was the product of ten years' worth of research, interviewing ‘empowered survivors’ about their coping mechanisms for overcoming the worst experiences of their lives while still hoping for the best.

As a content creator, she has collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the world including GoPro, Netflix, the Sydney Opera House and Selfridges.

Molloy is the creator of the 'Storytelling for Healing' workshop series online and in-person events, which teach people to share their personal stories publicly, while protecting themselves.

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