Man falls 20 metres from cliff at Jamberoo

UPDATE at 6.30pm

A NSW Ambulance inspector on scene at Jamberoo Lookout told Fairfax Media the injured man had slipped off the cliff by accident.

Inspector Paul Delamont who assessed the man on scene said he was, “very, very fortunate,” considering the circumstances.

“He fell a long way,” Inspector Delamont said.

“He’s mainly cold for the fact he’s been exposed for a few hours.

“He has some superficial cuts, he was knocked out for a short period of time. He’s very very stable considering the nature of the fall.”

Rescue team carries local man, 37, to an ambulance at Jamberoo Lookout

The 37-year-old man, who lives locally, went missing earlier in the day.

His wife went looking for him, located him, and called emergency services.

Inspector Delamont, who’s based in Wollongong, said the rescue operation was challenging, due to access issues, and urged the public to take care near cliffs.

“It’s a remote area to access by car, and to access the small cliff rescuers had to clamber down over slippery rocks and through thick undergrowth,” he said.

“This chap has been very, very fortunate.

“Fences and barriers on cliff lines are there for a very good reason. If you venture outside of those in slippery conditions, there’s a high chance you’ll slip and fall. Please stay inside the fence lines at all times, especially if it’s slippery.”

Earlier at 6.15pm

A 37-year-old man who fell from a cliff at Jamberoo Lookout this afternoon has been rescued.

The man was rescued on foot, retrieved from a landing about 20m below the cliff.

The man is being taken to Wollongong Hospital via a NSW Ambulance.

Earlier at 6pm

Rescue efforts continue after a man fell from a cliff at Jamberoo Lookout this afternoon.

Initial attempts by the SES to winch the 37-year-old man up the cliff were unsuccessful.

They are now trying to carry him out via a different route.

The air ambulance has landed in a nearby paddock, and the doctor from the helicopter has been driven up the mountain to attend to the man, who has reportedly sustained head and knee injuries.

Earlier at 5.30pm

State Emergency Service personnel are working to rescue a man who has slipped and fallen from a cliff at Jamberoo Lookout this afternoon.

The SES is attempting to winch the man to safety.

The rescue operation has been conducted in difficult conditions. 

It’s cold and the mountain is blanketed in fog.

A Toll helicopter has arrived on scene. The helicopter looped above the injured man, and has not yet landed.

Earlier at 4.45pm

Emergency services are on scene at Jamberoo Lookout, where a man has fallen down a cliff. 

NSW Ambulance received reports a 37-year-old man had slipped 20 metres down a cliff face at Jamberoo, just after 3.30pm, Tuesday December 4. 

The man was initially unconscious but a NSW Ambulance spokesperson said he was now alert and responsive. 

The spokesperson said the man has injuries to his head and knees. 

Three NSW Ambulance crews and a helicopter are on scene. 

More to come.