Echidna rescue has South Coast beachgoers in raptures

Creatures of the deep are one thing, but an echidna on the beach?

The lifesavers at Mollymook on the NSW south coast took in their stride on Monday .

Lifesaver Tyson Davies rescued the spiky Aussie native found near the drain in front of the surf club, Canberra’s James Crook said.

Mr Crook and his family were walking along the beach, enjoying the pristine view and glassy water when they passed the lifesaver, who was returning the echinda to nearby bushland.

“I can’t imagine anything more Australian,” Mr Crook said.

His three-year-old daughter, Lara was beaming when she saw the native monotreme.

“My three-year-old was quite enthusiastic,” Mr Crook said. “It’s one of the best things we’ve seen.

“Tyson put it down on the beach in front of the trees and she was running alongside telling people there was an echidna.”

Mr Crook said Mr Davies handled the rescue well.

“He was smiling, they’re a pretty laidback couple of guys.”