Spiky boy takes quick dip at Narooma Surf Beach

This echidna enjoys a day at the beach.
This echidna enjoys a day at the beach.

An echidna was spotted enjoying some sun and sand at Narooma Surf Beach on Friday, September 28.

The spiky monotreme is a relative of the platypus, and showed off its unexpected aquatic prowess by taking a quick dip – caught on camera by Narooma residents. 

The echidna is not the only unexpected native swimmer on the South Coast in recent years – last October, a koala was pulled from Wapengo Lake in a bedraggled condition, while a group of emus have made the beach at Potato Point home.

WIRES South Coast said many animals have been venturing closer to homes, roads and people as the drought continues to affect their food supply.

If you spot any creatures out and about this summer, we would love to hear about it via facebook or email.