Cr Kathy Rice confirms she will not re-contest deputy mayor seat

Councillor Kathy Rice will not re-contest the deputy mayoral seat at Tuesday's meeting.
Councillor Kathy Rice will not re-contest the deputy mayoral seat at Tuesday's meeting.

Kiama Council’s deputy mayor, Kathy Rice, has confirmed she will not re-contest her seat at Tuesday’s meeting.

“As deputy mayor I have had a terrific two years deepening my involvement in the many operations of local government,” Cr Rice said. 

“I have given the role considerable time and energy and I don’t regret one moment of it.

“I am extremely thankful to have had the experiences I did, experiences that have and will continue to consolidate my performance as a councillor.”

Cr Rice hopes by vacating the role, she will find more time to dedicate to council and the community.

“One of the first of these will be making myself available to the community, to canvass ways that we can regain the participation of women on Kiama Council,” Cr Rice said. 

“Beyond that, among other things, I am interested in ensuring Kiama’s growth as a Healthy City, in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

The term of office for a mayor or deputy mayor elected by councillors is two years. 

Cr Mark Honey and Cr Rice were elected into their roles in 2016, by way of a secret ballot based on preferential voting among councillors.

Cr Rice said some local councils who do not have a popularly elected mayor, agree to rotate the role of mayor and deputy mayor, to ensure the different political perspectives of councillors are recognised and the values of the community who elected them are reflected.

“Rotation of these positions also offers valuable professional development, as it provides a far broader outlook on the functions of local government,” Cr Rice said.

“Although Kiama doesn’t have the tradition of rotation, I don’t need to entrench myself and I am happy to pass the position on.

“I hope the next deputy mayor will enjoy the role as much as I did.”