Shoalhaven from the air - recent rain brings a green tinge

Looking greener. Bolong September 2018. Photo: Max Cochrane
Looking greener. Bolong September 2018. Photo: Max Cochrane

They say a week is a long time in politics.

If the past few weeks, as far as both federally and locally go, we must have had a month’s work.

But seriously what a difference a week and a couple of inches of rain depending on where you live can make.

In early August we featured some photographs from Bolong helicopter pilot Max Cochrane, who gave us all a bird’s eye view just how the big dry is affecting the region, especially between Kiama and Nowra.

While the coastline from Kiama to Nowra still looked spectacular, the land was brown and parched.

Fast forward four weeks and as Mr Cochrane put it “a couple of inches of rain” things are starting to green up.

We all know the drought is still biting hard,  and hurting local farmers especially our dairy farmers, but there are signs of hopefully things turning.

“Spring is approaching,” Mr Cochrane said “a bit of rain and there is a touch of green. Amazing how a week can change things.”

All that is needed now is some follow up rain.

Unfortunately, however the Bureau of Meteorology isn’t predicting any major falls for the rest of the week.

The best of the predicted falls are Thursday and Friday with 60-80 per cent chance of 1-5mm of rain but apart from that expected falls aren’t great..

And the Bureau’s spring (September to November) climate outlook isn’t great.

Issued on August 30, the outlook is for drier than average conditions likely for southern Australia extending up through NSW (west of the divide) and into central Australia.

September and October are likely to be drier than average more broadly across most of the country.

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