Drought | Past 24 hours brings good South Coast rain

FINALLY: Good rain fell in parts of the South Coast overnight.
FINALLY: Good rain fell in parts of the South Coast overnight.

The month of spring has brought some much-needed rain to the drought-affected region.

For some parts, more rain has fallen in just four days than it has in the past two months. 

Rainfall in the past 24 hours exceeded the Bureau of Meterology’s predictions, with some parts of the South Coast receiving more than 30mm.

Most areas have seen gauges collect numbers in the double digits, including Nowra with 24mm, Ulladulla with 15mm and Kiama with 27mm.

Meantime, the Bureau’s Beaumont station measured 33mm overnight while the Hampden Bridge station at Kangaroo Valley measured 26mm.

Berry received 20mm and Brogers Creek 30mm overnight.

While the rain is expected to clear by Wednesday, it will return on Thursday, with up to 8mm predicted for Nowra and 5mm for Ulladulla and Kiama.

The first few days of spring has brought good rain to the region, with Ulladulla receiving 21.8mm in just four days, a stark contrast to the 1.2mm total that fell in July. 

It’s a similar story for Nowra too, which received just 6.8mm of rain in July. 

Despite this, the rain has missed much of central NSW, with the majority falling over the coastal areas of the state.