Striped marlin in Pambula Lake photos a bit fishy

Photo of a striped marlin from Compleat Angler Merimbula's Facebook page.

Photo of a striped marlin from Compleat Angler Merimbula's Facebook page.

Photos on social media of a striped marlin claiming to have been in Pambula Lake have sparked a question – is it real or fake?

Two screenshots of a video show the marlin cruising along the surface with oyster leases in the background and its stripes lit up phosphorescent blue – indicating the fish is excited.

In 2016 a displaced dugong was rescued from Merimbula Lake and more recently, in January this year a bluefin tuna was spotted in Pambula Lake

A Facebook post from Compleat Angler, Camping World & Hobie Merimbula has received a flood of comments from firm believers the marlin could have been there. 

Bruce Libbis of Compleat Angler Merimbula said the photos originated from footage captured by an oyster farmer of Pambula Lake.

“My son is mates with the oyster farmer who saw it, apparently it came into the river system on the in-going tide and was doing circles.”

“It was only in there for a day, once it felt movement of the water it went back out with the tide.

“Its stripes were lit up which means it’s healthy or could have been because it was distressed.

“What is really surprising is that it’s totally out of season for it to be down here, I have seen them out wide in July before but even that is really not common.”

The season for marlin is January through to April, local fishermen said they are skeptical of the photos. 

“It is like seeing a yowie down on Pambula Oval, I think it is complete bull,” one fisherman said.

“I only saw two photos of it – one where its stripes were lit up showing it’s excited or ready to feed and in 13 degree water that is impossible. In 22 or 23 degree water then sure that is more likely.”

A game fisherman of Merimbula said “it is pretty much the same as seeing a marlin in the Antarctic”.

“Those photos could have been taken anywhere, Yamba or up north somewhere I think.”   

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