Echidna at Bombo Beach

Video by Mark Middleton

I kid you not, footage of an echidna near Bombo Beach has emerged just a week after the Bombo wombat sighting, which went viral on social media.

Local residents marvelled at the video of the echidna, captured and shared by Kiama local Mark Middleton on Wednesday morning.

This was not the first echidna sighting at Bombo in recent years.

The area is a known habitat for echidnas and other Australian native animals.

“I see them at Bombo every now and then actually,” Katja Gould said.

“So lucky, (they are) my favourite native animal.”

The Echidna's breeding season takes place between July and August. After mating, the male and female go their separate ways. Four weeks later the female lays a single egg into a simple pouch on her abdomen.

”(This) time of year be careful, they like roadsides for ants nests,” Kiama resident Bruce Pike said.

Video by David Freel

There is no specific mating season for wombats.

Usually only one young is born and it will remain in the pouch for around six months.