Robyn Sharp to exhibit water inspired artworks at Minnamurra Cafe

Catch Robyn Sharp’s exhibition titled ‘Water’ at the Minnamurra Café from Monday, August 13 to Sunday, September 9.

“We are so fortunate to live in south Illawarra – a place where water abounds,” Mrs Sharp said. 

“In a region where escarpment, rolling hills and rainforest reach down to beach, rocks and sea. Water is everywhere: in the mist which feeds the forest; in the creeks tumbling down waterfalls and ravines till they join to make our rivers; in estuaries and lakes which line up before the sea; and in the rollers which pound the shore or gentle waves that lap when the sea is still.”

Robyn has lived and worked all over the world – in California, Toronto, London and Paris.

However, she chose to return to the South Coast, which her heart missed.

Enjoy the wide range of Robyn’s work from oils, mixed media, photography, pastels and collage, to hand painted and printed cards.

Robyn is also helping set up the Community Bank in Gerringong.  

She will soon donate and display a unique illustrated ‘map’ of the area to help raise funds for the bank survey. The map will be on display at the Gerringong Pharmacy.

Find out more at on Facebook: RobynCSharp or Instagram: