Country scene is ‘strong’

ON TOUR: For tickets and other tour dates for Brooke McClymont and Adam Eckersley visit Picture: Supplied
ON TOUR: For tickets and other tour dates for Brooke McClymont and Adam Eckersley visit Picture: Supplied

Country music superstars Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont have been married for around eight years, but up until now they’ve mostly kept their musical lives separate from each other.

Babies have meant McClymont and her sisters are taking time out from their usual project The McClymonts, meaning more time for making music with her hubby.

Their first album together Adam & Brooke was released in February along with a string of east coast shows – one of them in the Illawarra.

McClymont, who has a large contingent of family in Albion Park, said they were both surprised there were no arguments about chord progressions or riffs and thrilled how smooth the process was.

“We were quite aware this working together might be a challenge and so kept the bar pretty low,” McClymont laughed.

“It was certainly better than we anticipated,” added Eckersley.

“The album overall reflects that, the challenges and the positive nature of being in a relationship and kids and all that sort of business.”

The pair believe the country music scene on the South Coast is strong and growing, on trend they say with the scene in Australia overall.

“People still need live music, I reckon it’s still important for people to go and have a good time on a Friday [and] Saturday nights and shake it loose,” Eckersley said.

The pair’s five-year-old daughter Tiggy started school this year which could prove interesting around tour time, as mum and dad are scheduled to be away until May. 

“We’re still working it out,” McClymont said.

“We’re kind of like ‘oh, okay, this is going to change things a little bit’ –  it hasn’t stopped us before, we’ll work something out.”

Both were happy to boast about their little daughter’s talents at the risk of sounding like “those parents”.

“She’s got good rhythm and stuff like i can actually have a jam with her and I've had worst jams with adults at times … she doesn’t even know how to play the drums but she can sit on there and bash things in time,” Eckersley said.

  • Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont – The Oaks Hotel, April 29.