Illawarra South Coast Dragons split their matches with Western Rams

THE two Illawarra South Coast Dragons sides had mixed fortunes in their matches against the Western Rams at the Collegians Sporting Complex on Saturday.

The under 16s representative side, coached by Glen Buffolin, went into their match against the Rams undefeated, after winning their two opening matches of the CRL Country Championships

But the side, which contains Kiama’s William Webb, Cooper Lee and Ethan O’Connell, Shellharbour’s Cooper Askew, Albion Park-Oak Flats’ Jordan Morn, Logan Stubbs, and Liam Lynch and Milton-Ulladulla’s Luke Millard from Group Seven, couldn’t make it three form three, going down 30-26.

Try-scorers for the Dragons were Jordan Wolhar (two), Jay Patterson, Joshua Goodchild and Copper Askew, with Jye Patterson (two) and Isaac Morris landing goals.

Following this match, the under 18s Dragons, coached by James Grehan, improved their record to 2-1, by defeating the Rams 26-20 – thanks to tries from Mitchell Heffernan, Liam Macpherson, Nelson Sharp and Blake Barbuto, with Nelson Sharp (four) and Jake Brisbane landing two-pointers.

This victorious side contained Albion Park-Oak Flats’ Jake Brisbane and Sione Lufe and Berry-Shoalhaven Heads’ Oliver and Charlie Parrish from Group Seven.

Both teams will next play on Saturday, March 17 against the GSR Wests Tigers, at Shellharbour’s Ron Costello Oval.

Under 16s Dragons squad: 1. Jye Patterson (Thirroul), 2. Blake Wellington (Thirrioul), 3. Jordan Morn © (Albion Park-Oak Flats), 4. Alex Lobb (Western Suburbs), 5. Joshua Goodchild (Collegians), 6. Jordan Wolhar (Dapto), 7. Issac Morris (Collegians), 8. Ben Byron (Collegians), 9. Giovanni Nassau (Western Suburbs), 10. Braith Lawrence Foyre (Western Suburbs), 11. Ethan O’Connell (Kiama), 12. Liam Lynch (Albion Park-Oak Flats), 13. Joshua Turla (Western Suburbs), 14. Luke Millard (Milton-Ulladulla), 15. Logan Stubbs (Albion Park-Oak Flats), 16. William Webb (Kiama), 17. Cooper Askew (Shellharbour), and 18. Cooper Lee ( Kiama)  – with Glen Buffolin as coach.

Under 18s Dragons squad: 1. Jay Watling (Collegians), 2. Joshua Martin (Thirroul), 3. Nelson Sharp (Thirroul), 4. Ayzak Bowman (Collegians), 5. Mitchell Heffernan (Dapto), 6. Jake Brisbane © (Albion Park-Oak Flats), 7. Liam MacPherson (Western Suburbs), 8. Oliver Parrish (Berry-Shoalhaven Heads), 9. Blake Barbuto (Western Suburbs), 10. Akima Opito (Thirroul), 11. Charlie Parrish (Berry-Shoalhaven Heads), 12. Jeremy Mau (Collegians), 13. Sione Lufe (Albion Park-Oak Flats), 14. James Sara (Collegians), 15. Sean Payne (Collegians), 16. Ammon Munro (Thirroul), 17. Duane Williemsen (Collegians) and 18.Kane Watling (Collegians) – with James Grehan as coach.