Elusive spotted-tailed quolls caught on camera in the Illawarra

At least 20 individual elusive spotted-tailed quolls call the Illawara home.

That’s what citizen scientists from across Australia and the world have come up with after analysing more than 80,000 photos taken from 29 motion sensor cameras across the region.

Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton said the Quollidor project funded under the NSW Government’s $100 million Saving our Species project, was providing a fascinating glimpse into the hidden world of this endangered carnivorous marsupial.

“We have images of quolls posing for selfies, exploring the camera and jumping on and around the monitoring station,” Ms Upton said.

Quolls have huge home ranges and move across the landscape making it difficult to otherwise monitor their population and behavioural patterns.

“It’s great to see people being able to use technology to make a real contribution to the conservation of NSW’s unique animals,” Ms Upton said.

“This is a great milestone for this citizen science project.” 

The spotted-tailed quoll, the only remaining quoll species in NSW,  is the Australian mainland’s largest carnivorous marsupial and is listed as a threatened species.

For more on the Quollidor project call the Office of Environment & Heritage Wollongong office on 4224 4150 or visit their website.

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