Kiama game fishers reel in top results at 2018 NSWGFA Interclub

Crews from Kiama Gamefishing Club achieved some great results at the 2018 NSWGFA Interclub recently.

Kiama fielded a team of three boats and crew in the Port Stephens based competition, which ran from February 22-25. 

Absolute, ProFishEnt and X-Factor placed third overall in Tag and Release from 130 boats, in what is the most prestigious and heavily contested tournament by the best game fishing boats.

ProFishEnt finished second in the Tag and Release with 17 marlin, most of which were blacks and some stripes, plus two whaler sharks all on 15 kilograms.

Absolute was named Champion Boat in the Tag and Release – 37 kilograms with 13 Marlin, majority blue marlin.

X-Factor caught three marlin in the Tag and Release, which were black marlin on 10 and 15 kilograms.

The total number of marlin Tagged and Released by Team Kiama GFC was an outstanding 33.

Absolute was named Champion Boat Capture on Ladies Day, while Yasmin James took out Champion Angler Capture with a 131.2 kilogram blue marlin.

Kiama Gamefishing Club president Mark Way said it was an “extremely awesome effort by the boats”.

“Congratulations to skippers and crews, they played strong and did us and Kiama proud,” he said.