Council flush with funds for local toilets

Jones Beach amenities block is high on the priority list for a makeover. Photo: Google Maps.
Jones Beach amenities block is high on the priority list for a makeover. Photo: Google Maps.

Kiama Council has been successful in securing $375,000 funding from the NSW Government to go towards the upgrade of toilet blocks across the municipality.

The amenities blocks at Cooke Park, Jones Beach and Minnamurra Reserve are high on the priority list for a makeover, following the municipality wide audit conducted by council in 2017.

The toilets range in age from 50 years to less than one year old. Constructed in 1968, the toilet block at Chittick Oval on Bong Bong Street is the oldest in the municipality, while the Black Beach toilets on Terralong Street are the newest, having undergone a makeover only last year.

However, the design of the toilet block has attracted some criticism.

“The designer of this renovation has made a mess of the project by cutting out a great deal of the view of Black Beach, the bay and the School Flat,” former resident and historian Graham Mackie said.

“The addition of a steeply pitched roof has successfully wiped much of it out.”

Director of engineering and works Gino Belsito said every effort was made to improve the views.

“There was an significant electrical sub-station adjacent to the existing toilet amenities. This structure was at least four metres high, and due to its bulk, was a significant distraction from the beautiful surrounding area,” he said.

“This structure has now been removed and this has opened new view lines to Kiama Harbour.

“The majority of the community response supports the improvements and would suggest this has set a new benchmark for future upgrades.”

Auditors scored the condition of the toilets from one to five, with a score of one indicating the toilet was in good condition, while a score of five meant it was unserviceable.

The report identified the toilets at Gerringong Town Hall, South Werri, Saddleback Mountain, Coronation Park, Kiama Cemetery, Chittick Oval, Kevin Walsh Oval and North Street Reserve at Minnamurra as the worst in the municipality. 

Toilet scores out of five:

  • Emery Reserve, Gerroa, 3.
  • Crooked River Road Kiosk, Gerroa – 3.
  • Boat Harbour Reserve, Gerringong – 3.
  • Gerringong Town Hall, Gerringong – 4.
  • South Werri, Pacific Avenue Gerringong – 4. 
  • Gerringong SLSC, Gerringong –  3.
  • Lloyd Rees Reserve, Gerringong – 3.
  • Kiama Coastal Walking Track, Kiama Heights – 1.
  • Saddleback Mountain, Kiama – 4. 
  • Jerrara Dam, Jerrara – 2.
  • Coronation Park, Kiama – 4. 
  • Chittick Oval, Kiama – 4.
  • Kiama Showground, Bong Bong Street, Kiama – 2.
  • Kiama Boat Ramp, Terralong Street Kiama – 1.
  • Kiama Blowhole Point Rock Pool, Terralong Street, Kiama – 1.
  • Kiama Tourist Information Centre Terralong Street Kiama – 3.
  • Kiama Library Railway Parade Kiama – 1.
  • Administration Building Manning Street Kiama – 2.
  • Black Beach, Terralong Street, Kiama – 1.
  • Black Beach Amenities, North Shoalhaven Street, Kiama – 1.
  • Hindmarsh Park Terralong Street Kiama – 2.
  • Kiama Cemetery Riddell Street Bombo – 4.
  • Kevin Walsh Oval Churchill Street Jamberoo – 4.
  • Bombo Beach Riverside Drive Kiama Downs – 3. 
  • Jones Beach Reserve North Kiama Drive Kiama Downs – 3.
  • James Oats Reserve Charles Avenue Minnamurra – 3.
  • North Street Reserve North Street Minnamurra – 4.
  • Trevethan Reserve Riverside Drive Minnamurra – 1.