Crews responding to motor vehicle crash at Gerringong

A number of emergency services crews responded to a motorcycle accident at Gerringong on Wednesday night, which happened just before 7pm.

Paramedics on scene said they were treating an approximately 40-year-old male rider for multiple arm and leg fractures and pelvic and chest injuries, after he ran into a smaller vehicle at a high speed.

The man also appeared to have suffered a mild head injury, and a possible loss of consciousness, according to initial reports.

Paramedics asked that the rescue helicopter attend the scene to transport the man to hospital.

The chopper landed land at Boxsell Oval, on Fern Street, about 7.40pm and left for St George Hospital shortly after 8.20pm.

SES crews from the Kiama area were also responding, while a civilian on scene helped to keep the road near Rose Valley Way closed.