Wigan-Hull clash puts Kiama on world map

Each one of us are official ambassadors of Kiama and the Illawarra over the course of the week.

Many visitors from overseas and around the country will visit our little patch of paradise ahead of the historic Super League clash between the Wigan Warriors and Hull FC at WIN Stadium on February 10.

A week-long list of events will be held around the region in support of the clash.

Many supporters will start arriving throughout the week ahead of the game. Hull FC will be staying in Kiama.

Make them feel welcome.

Festivities will ramp up through the week and there is little doubt that when it comes to game day on Saturday us locals will be as excited as the UK visitors who will don their club’s colours, stand on the famous hill with beer in hand and chant their club songs at the top of their lungs.

The game itself is for UK super league premiership points and at the start of a new season is hugely important to both Wigan and Hull.

Yet, the event and associated events are hugely important for Kiama and the Illawarra.

Kiama and the Illawarra will be showcased back to the UK via the people visiting here, the business and community leaders from afar who will be attending and via the telecast of the clash.

It will be interesting to see what the visitors make of the stadium by the sea. And, of course, their impressions of lovely Kiama will spread our reputation far and wide.

The visit started Monday morning when the Hull FC players set up camp at the Sebel Harbourside, which will be their base for the next week, leading to their match with Wigan.

As well as preparing for their match, the players will be taking part in junior coaching clinics and community events where fans can meet them.

Sport-wise, it’s a huge week for Kiama, kicked off by the Queen’s Baton Relay. This event was a spectacle in itself, giving the community the opportunity to cheer on our local baton bearers and build excitement for the coming Commonwealth Games. 

We also had the Sydney Swans in town, helping celebrate the relay and launching the South Coast AFL season.

We can’t helping thinking such a huge focus on sport will get parents taking advantage of the government’s new $100 rebate to help defray the costs of registration for their children. That can only be a good thing.