Kiama service club news


At our last meeting we featured the Youth of the Year competition in which we had 3 contestants, 2 boys from Kiama High and a girl from St Josephs at Albion Park. We continue to be amazed at the standard of such young folk and always compare ourselves to us at their age and know that we would have really struggled to be anything like as good. It is also nice to see that Kiama High School has recognised its participants on their new snazzy noticeboard.

We now have a relatively quiet period for the holiday season apart from the monthly market and Driver Reviver. This gives us time to rest and celebrate with family and friends. 

Last week we had a lovely thank-you letter from a local family that we were able to help to get extra therapy sessions. We were also grateful to receive a donation from the Wollongong and South Coast Legacy Club towards our Carers Cottage.

The Cottage project progresses slowly. Last week we have an important meeting with Council regarding our DA, which we hope will enable us to start work seriously on the inside. 

Our next meeting will be at the Surf Club and that will be our Christmas Party.


Last week club members enjoyed a guided tour of the new NSW State Emergency Services Headquarters in Wollongong followed by dinner at City Diggers Club.

Some 280 staff are based at the new building which is manned on a 24x7 basis. At the highest operational level, capacity can expand by more than 150 additional staff and volunteers. SES receives around 120,000 calls a year and last financial year managed more than 230 major operations.

While we were in the Operations Centre, the SES Team were dealing with an incident where an ambulance that was taking a patient to hospital had become stranded by flash flooding. The local SES unit was dispatched to assist.

Members learned of a new SES initiative called “Volunteering Reimagined”. This project expands volunteering options beyond the traditional Core Volunteering model. Volunteer categories now include: Corporate Volunteering, Community Action Teams and Spontaneous Volunteering. Contact your local SES Unit or visit the NSW SES website for more information.

Rotary has close relationships with NSW Emergency Service Agencies. For example: Rotary NSW Emergency Services Community Awards, Australian Rotary Health PhD Research study investigating PTSD in Emergency Service Personnel and Vocational Training teams in Vanuatu.


Our final meeting for 2017 is Tuesday, December 5 at the CWA Hall, 57 Shoalhaven Street, commencing at 1pm with our Christmas theme afternoon tea. Our first meeting for 2018 is on February 20.  Best wishes to all our members and friends for Christmas and the New Year.