Shellharbour Anglican College brings a Disney classic to life

Shellharbour Anglican College's Junior School is bringing a Disney classic to life with their production of The Lion King Jr.

The students have been busily rehearsing for their performance at the college hall on Wednesday, September 20 and Thursday, September 21, at 6.30pm both evenings.

"This is our fourth bi-annual school musical and the Lion King Jr promises to be an impressive night of musical fun, produced to the highest quality," Shellharbour Anglican College's head of Junior School, Andrew McPhail said.

"We chose the Lion King Jr because it is a classic Disney story that everyone can relate to and it features wonderful music, dramatic characters and brilliant costumes.”

About 146 students have a role in the musical, including 12 lionesses, 14 fireflies, 16 hyenas, 29 prideland animals, 18 grassland plants, 10 jungle plants and seven in the backstage crew.

"We embark on a journey to the African Savananah with Simba and an unforgettable cast of characters as they journey from Pride Rock to the jungle,” Mr McPhail said. 

Students have devoted hours to learning the lines, songs and dance moves with the cast practising every Thursday after school since March.

"The production is a combined effort with almost 50 community volunteers and school staff who have generously given their time to source and sew costumes, build and paint back drops and do make up," Mr McPhail said.

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