Gerringong author Kim Petersen to self-publish debut novel

WRITE STUFF: Kim Petersen recently completed her first novel, Millie's Angel. Picture: Supplied

WRITE STUFF: Kim Petersen recently completed her first novel, Millie's Angel. Picture: Supplied

A Gerringong author is set to release her debut novel of “speculative fiction”. 

Gerringong resident Kim Petersen recently completed writing her first novel.

The book, Millie's Angel, is due for release around April via print-on-demand. 

The self-published effort will also be made available in e-book format. 

Mrs Petersen, 43, who has penned various short stories in the past began writing her first full-length book in August 2015. 

The mother of five said she’d always had an interest in writing. 

“I just decided to take the plunge and give it a go, and do something for myself,” she said. 

“I’m excited about it. I just hope that it’ll find its audience and take off from there.

“It just all fell into place. Once I started it just flowed, and it felt good, it felt right.”

In the story, when her mother abandons her, Millie is left to pick up the pieces and care for her little brother, Ace.

Just as she begins to accept her mother’s disappearance from their lives, Millie discovers the shocking secrets surrounding her birth; leaving her anguished and torn between her feelings for her father.

Through friendships, romantic connections and heartbreak, Millie learns that she is never alone to face the many obstacles life throws her way. 

Mrs Petersen said her influences included Neville Goddard, Wayne Dyer, Bryce Courtenay, Dan Brown and George R.R. Martin. 

She described Millie's Angel as “speculative fiction”. 

“It has a lot of mystical elements to it as well,” she said.

“It’s definitely for adults, even though it might appear otherwise at the start.

“It’s not religious, more spiritual/new age type of themes, but it’s not like the overpowering factor in the book. 

“I wouldn’t want people to think it was new age/spiritual and that was it.

“It does have that element, but it has some suspense as well to keep it interesting.”

Buoyed by finishing the book, there’s already a follow-up in the works. 

“I’ve left it open for the sequel,” Mrs Petersen said. 

“I’m up to chapter four already. 

“I love writing; it makes me happy. Other than family, it’s something I like to do for myself.”

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