BREAKING: Boy bitten by shark at Mollymook: Photos

 MONDAY 8.15am:

VIDEO has emerged of the terrifying shark attack off Bannister Head at Mollymook on Friday.

Sam Smith was spearfishing with his friend Luke Sisinni off roock at Bannister Head during Friday morning.

The two 17-year-olds were also filming underwater with Go-Pros, and Sam went to film a shark he saw.

However the shark, believed to be either a bronze whaler or mako, attacked Sam, despite his efforts to fend it off with his speak gun.

Now footage from the Go Pro has been released, showing the terrifying attack.

1.50pm:  A TEENAGE boy has been bitten by a shark while spearfishing and filming off Bannister Head at Mollymook on Friday.

Sam Smith, 17, of Mollymook, was bitten on the hand and wrist, just a short distance off Bannister Head, about two kilometres from where thousands of surf life savers were competing in the 2015 NSW Stramit Surf Life Saving Country Championships at Mollymook Beach.

In response to the attack, patrols around the country championships were stepped up and closed the beaches at Narrawallee and North Mollymook.

Paramedics treated Sam in the car park beside Bannister lodge, before taking him to Milton Hospital.

He was airlifted to Sydney for specialist treatment.

Sam was spearfishing with friend Luke Sisinni of Ulladulla when he was bitten.

Luke said he and Sam made films while spearfishing, and just before lunchtime on Friday Sam saw a shark “so he went down to film it”.

“He said it spun around and started coming for him, so he stabbed it with his spear to try and scare it off, but it just went ballistic and bit him,” Luke said.

He said he did not see the attack or the shark, but swam over towards Sam when he heard movement “and he came up screaming saying ‘I got bitten by a shark’.”

Sam said the shark was about 1.5 metres long.

“I saw one the other week about the same size, a bronze whaler, but that didn’t bite me, thankfully,” Luke said.

Sharks were common in the area, and fellow spearfisher Mark Brayne said he had an encounter with one the previous week.

Mark, from Mollymook, said he and his uncle were spearfishing north of Bannister Head when he went down for a shot at a fish in about 12 metres of water, and felt something tugging on his buoy line.

“I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but then I speared a fish and came back up and was in the process of loading my gun again and I felt something pull quite hard on my buoy line and I looked back in the water and I could just see this big splash, crazy splashing around.

“Then my gun and my buoy line just got ripped out of my hands and I watched them disappear,” he said.

“In the kerfuffle my snorkel got ripped off my head.”

He swam over to his uncle and the pair endured “a pretty nerve-wracking swim” back to the boat about 300 metres away.

Mark said while he did not see the shark, “it was big enough to take my gun off me, and big enough to drag 15kg or 20kg of fish away from me.”

12.55pm: A 17-year-old boy has been taken to hospital after a suspected shark attack at Mollymook beach.

According to paramedics, who were alerted by a triple-0 call at about midday, the boy was being treated for a hand injury.

He was being treated at the Bannisters Lodge car park and transported to Milton Ulladulla hospital.

Milton Ulladulla Times reporter Glenn Ellard reports the boy was spear fishing in the ocean off Bannisters Headland.

The NSW Surf Life Saving Country Championships are being held at Mollymook, but it is believed the injured boy was not involved.

Surf clubs from all over the state have descended on the beach for the first of three days of competition.

Surf Lifesaving NSW has posted on Twitter that the championships are still on "at this point", but says lifeguards have closed Narrawellee Beach to the north of the headland.

12.30pm: A teenage boy has been bitten by a shark while spear fishing in the ocean off Bannisters Headland, Mollymook.

Paramedics and police attended the scene and the boy is being treated for hand and arm injuries in the Bannisters Lodge car park.

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